Quality pioneers

Bremnes Seashore AS is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of farmed salmon. With extensive experience, high levels of fish farming knowledge and innovation at every stage of the process, we have developed quality products that are in demand across the world.

Research and development has given us the best results and our own, patented production processes. With new technology, we produce salmon products of a higher and more persistent quality than our competitors and have established SALMA as Norway’s first brand for fresh fish.

Bremnes Seashore currently handles the full production chain for salmon, and we are one of the largest privately owned salmon farming firms in Norway. The company has farming facilities in Hardanger, Sunnhordland and Rogaland, which are spread across 23 locations in 9 different municipalities. In addition, we have three facilities for the production of fry.

Our head office is located in Øklandsvågen in the municipality of Bømlo. We have been based here since our beginnings in 1937, and it is home to our administration, technical department, and not least our state of the art salmon packing and processing plant.

Growth and activity at a number of sites in Western Norway has meant it has been vital for the firm to have good relationships and open dialogue with the various municipalities and local communities that we operate in. Bremnes Seashore has also been an active supporter of youth work, culture and sport in many local communities.

With over 280 employees spread across 30 towns and sites, and an average of 160 metric tonnes of salmon products that need to be transported into the wide world each and every day, we are also committed to contributing to excellent road networks in our area. We work actively to improve road standards in Bømlo and have helped to finance several local road projects.

Key figures for 2015

  • Employees: 365
  • 3 dedicated hatcheries
  • 21 edible fish concessions
  • 23 locations
  • Production: 200-300 metric tons per day, the equivalent of 12-18 full lorries
  • Turnover: NOK 2.35 billion