BÖMLO salmon travels by sea to the UK

Bremnes Seashore and our export company Ocean Quality, are working to reduce our transport-related greenhouse gas emissions. We are the first seafood supplier to ship fresh salmon through Nort Sea Container Line’s direct sea route from Stord to London.

The shipments contain BÖMLO, our brand of quality salmon sold to selected markets in Europe and Asia.

According to an assessment by FreiXchange, the CO2-emissions from using the container line is 60 per cent lower than with road haulage.

– Norwegian salmon is a food source with a low carbon footprint. Nevertheless, we must improve, and transport is a significant source of emissions. By sending the salmon by sea, we reduce the transportation-related emissions by 60 per cent. This is our first step, and we want to ship more salmon by the sea in the future, says Simon Nesse Økland, Head of development at Bremnes Seashore.

From the salmon is picked up at our facility in Bømlo, to it is in the customer’s hands in the United Kingdom, only around 48 hours have passed. This time-frame is very competitive compared to road haulage.

– Fresh BÖMLO salmon, on its way to discerning customers in the United Kingdom, is in a hurry. With this direct line, we reach our markets in the United Kingdom fast and efficiently, says Truls Ramsli, Logistics Manager at Ocean Quality.

The Norwegian Government wants to move cargo from roads to sea, and the Norwegian Coastal Administration has provided the line with a grant of NOK 25 million. Transport by sea is now a genuine alternative to road transport for salmon shipments to the United Kingdom.