Our greatest sources of pride!


SALMA is a skinless and boneless salmon fillet that offers world class quality. The delicate salmon are currently one of Norway’s best known brands.

It takes no more than four hours from when the fish is swimming in the water to when it is has been fully processed into a SALMA loin in our factory. Our experts complete significant parts of the production process by hand in order to ensure the highest possible levels of quality.

The SALMA product portfolio currently includes SALMA half loin, SALMA whole loin, SALMA 190, SALMA 360 and SALMA BRG.

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BÖMLO is Bremnes Seashore’s brand for quality salmon that we distribute to selected export markets in Europe and Asia. The BÖMLO brand consists of fresh and frozen whole salmon, as well as various fillet products.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality of BÖMLO products, we make extensive use of the same processes and technologies that are applied in the production of SALMA products. The key aspects are good fish welfare in extra spacious and deep net pens, low stress levels in the fish through the entire production and harvest cycle, the use of Cold Fish Slaughter Technology and pre-rigour filleting, hygienic slaughter and processing, as well as super cooling using CO2.


SALMA BRG is our salmon burger consisting of SALMA cut into small pieces, mixed with a little salt. This is a unique product, and the burger is perfect for the grill or frying pan. Each burger weighs 130 grams and the product is formed and vacuumed in the same manner as the SALMA loin.
SALMA burger was awarded Årets sjømat oppdrett 2016 in Det Norske Måltid!