Safe seafood production

Food production is a critical social function and Bremnes Seashore is producing 500,000 meals each day.

Thanks to our able employees, production has continued unabated throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We have put in place measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading amongst our staff and in the communities where we do business. We are in continuous contact with our suppliers and customers. As always, our main priorities are food safety and a healthy work environment.

Our thorough risk assessments are revised as the situation evolves, in line with the authorities’ measures.

  • Bremnes Seashore is adhering to the government’s measures and advisory
  • We have made arrangements to maintain social distancing amongst our staff
  • The departments have been separated and are divided into shifts, and we have extraordinary hygiene measures in the production facilities
  • Our office staff work from home
  • Cafeteria and lunch serving is halted
  • The number of visitors to our sites is reduced
  • We use video meetings
  • We have reduced our travels
  • We routinely send out information to our employees

Our social responsibility is important to Bremnes Seashore, and we are supplying safe and healthy seafood every day.