New well-boats in operation

Friday 17. September “Ronja Christopher” and “Ronja Vest” were christened at a ceremony in Leirvik harbour. 

“Today marks a milestone for Bremnes Seashore, as all three well boats are finally in operation. “Ronja Sund” transports fish for slaughter, and “Ronja Christopher” is a dedicated smolt transport vessel. The state-of-the-art vessel “Ronja Vest” is a formidable new tool for us, Bolaks and other farmers in the region. I look forward to our continued partnership with Bolaks and the shipping company Sølvtrans”, said Einar Eide, CEO of Bremnes Seashore.

Bremnes Seashore believes that by separating the three major well-boat operations; sea lice and fish disease treatment, smolt transport and slaughter transport, we will strengthen the industry’s sustainability, fish health and fish welfare.

In May 2020, Bremnes Seashore announced an agreement with Sølvtrans on a full-time charter of the treatment vessel “Ronja Vest”, the smolt transport vessel “Ronja Christopher”, and an extended charter of the slaughter transporter “Ronja Sund”.

“Ronja Christopher”

“Ronja Christopher” is specially designed to transport smolt in a safe, gentle and efficient manner. It can travel long distances with a closed water system and sort the salmon by size during unloading. The risk of disease spreading from slaughter fish to smolt is significantly lowered, as the ship will only transport smolt.

MS “Ronja Christopher” is a specially built well-boat for transporting smolt, owned by Sølvtrans AS. She has a cargo capacity of 2,500 m³, RSW cooling and lateral circulation in the cargo hold. The vessel has a filter for collecting lice, UV treatment of water both in and out of the cargo hold.

“Ronja Vest”

Together with Bolaks, Bremnes Seashore charters the treatment vessel “Ronja Vest”. The ship will work as a full-time sea lice treatment vessel at the fish farms in Rogaland and Vestland County. When available, the vessel will be chartered to other farmers. This vessel will significantly increase the treatment capabilities and improve the fish welfare during treatment.

MS “Ronja Vest” has a diesel-electric propulsion system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 798 tonnes annually. At the same time, there is a significant capacity for shore power, and catalysts will reduce NOx emissions by 90 per cent, or 92 tonnes annually. The ship is 87.1 meters long, 18 meters wide and has a capacity of 4,000 m³. The sea lice treatment will, among other things, take place with freshwater osmosis systems and flushing treatment with Wellfighter from SkaMik.

Front page photo: Olav Takle – Fotomarin
Photo: Peter Tubaas – Vestland Media